Beach Time  Sunglasses by West Coast

Enjoying the Sun Since 2001

We’re all about the Sun. Whether on vacation, at work, or shopping we want you to look as fashionable as possible while protecting your eyes
— Navot Bendavid, President. West Coast Sunglasses

About Us

WestCoast Sunglasses Inc. has been a supplier of quality sunglasses and sunglasses accessories since 2001. We are located on the West Coast of Florida in Clearwater, part of the Greater Tampa Bay area. We offer a full range of sunglasses and sunglasses accessories at competitive prices. Our styles and quality stand above the rest.

Style & Quality

We promise to provide the highest quality sunglasses to you at the best price possible. We guarantee our products for quality and workmanship.

WestCoast Sunglasses, Inc has a full replacement warranty on all its sunglasses and sunglasses products.

Cutting Edge

Styles and fashion is changing very rapidly today. Our designer and buyers constantly work to keep pace and give you the best look.